Thank you for showing interest in volunteering for L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France.

Last year, with the help of a lot of dedicated and very supportive volunteers we delivered the largest Tour de France event ever held outside France (and the first ever to be held in Australia). It was the warmth, friendliness and helpfulness of the local community and the volunteers that gave the event an incredible ambience that was so appreciated by the riders and their families.

In 2017, we hope to lift the bar and bring more riders and their families to the Snowy Mountains. We need hundreds of volunteers to help us make L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France the best cycling Race in Australia.

We would be very grateful if you could express your interest in volunteering, providing your preference of what you would like to do (if you have a preference). We’ll then get back in touch with you to give you more information.

Local knowledge is invaluable so we’d very much appreciate as many locals volunteering as possible.

All volunteers receive two L’Étape Australia t-shirts, a L’Étape Australia cap, food, water and local transport while volunteering.

Those travelling from more than 2 hours’ drive from Jindabyne to volunteer will be provided with accommodation and an allowance of $100 as a contribution towards petrol or out-of-pocket expenses.

There are many different volunteer roles starting from Monday 27th November until Sunday 3rd December. You can volunteer for all days or just a few.

Here is an overview of the volunteer roles:

Preparing for the Event – Monday 27th November – Sunday 3rd December

  • Assist with bump-in and set up in Jindabyne, Bullocks Flat, Berridale and Perisher
  • Packing and organising rider’s backpacks, t-shirts and bib envelopes in Jindabyne
  • Installation of signage and atmospheric elements throughout the route
  • Assist in moving and distributing supplies to correct locations throughout the route
  • Support L’Étape event staff in general in setting up and packing

Workforce Assistant – Monday 27th November – Sunday 3rd December

  • Support L’Étape event staff with assisting suppliers, staff and volunteers with queries
  • Assist with distributing packed meals for event staff and volunteers
  • Assist volunteer managers and coordinators as requested
  • Assist at Event Command Centre and Operations HQ as requested

Registration Marquee (Jindabyne) – Friday 1st December

  • Manage queues to registration marquee and guide riders to the correct queue
  • Verify rider identities and bib numbers and register their arrival
  • Hand-out verified rider bib numbers and backpacks
  • Assist Riders in receiving correctly sized t-shirts
  • Facilitate rider timing chip checking
  • Organise and maintain registration materials within the marquee

Information Booth (Jindabyne) – Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December

  • Provide riders with maps and event guides
  • Answer rider queries and provide them with event day information
  • Welcome riders, their supporters and locals to the Village
  • Assist spectators and provide them with directional assistance

Village Flow Management – Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December

  • Assist entertainment stage staff with set-up and operation of area
  • Assist in crowd control, seating and direction of patrons
  • Ensure smooth operation of the various activations within the Village

Bike Parking – Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December

  • Assist in collecting riders bicycles for storage
  • Return bicycles to riders on race day
  • Collecting & recording information on riders who utilise the bike parking

Village BBQ – Saturday 2nd December

  • Hold a BBQ for the riders finishing in Jindabyne & Perisher
  • Assist in cooking the meat & handing out sausages to riders
  • Maintain a clean & safe working area

Shuttle Bus (Jindabyne/Bullocks Flat) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Assist coach drivers to ensure all riders board and disembark the coaches efficiently and safely
  • Manage queues for coaches and assist in crowd control
  • Assist riders depositing their bikes into the vans
  • Assist with rider concerns, questions and directional enquiries
  • Support the coach drivers with any loading/unloading as may be requested

The Start (Bullocks Flat) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Assist with directing traffic into the Bullocks Flat car parks
  • Roam the terminal and Bullocks Flat Start and direct Riders to the bag drops, food outlets, toilets and the Start Pens
  • Direct riders into the correct Start Pens in a timely manner
  • Assist the L’Étape event staff as maybe requested

Rider Backpacks  (Bullocks Flat/Jindabyne/Perisher) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Assist in collecting rider’s backpacks onto trucks at the Start before they leave for the Race
  • Ensure all backpacks have the rider’s tag correctly attached
  • Assist with riders enquires
  • Direct riders to the Start Pens
  • Assist in distributing the backpacks back to the riders in Jindabyne or Perisher

Food and Drink Zones (on Route) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Assist with set up of food and water within the tents
  • Assist with food and water distribution to the riders
  • Resupply and stock food and drink during the day
  • Assist with rider’s questions
  • Provide the riders with encouragement

Skitube Marshals (Bullocks Flat and Perisher) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Greet riders arriving at the Skitube in Perisher or off the Skitube in Bullocks Flat
  • Assist riders to board the train with their bikes
  • Assist with general enquires and provide directional assistance

Medal Distribution (Jindabyne and Perisher) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Present medals to riders as they cross the finishing line
  • Cheer riders and congratulate them
  • Provide riders with water and fruit
  • Direct any riders requiring medical assistance to the medic team
  • Provide directional assistance and answer enquiries

Traffic Marshals (On Route) – Saturday 2nd December

  • At allocated positions along the Race course, provide information to the public
  • Guide riders and provide information to road users
  • Report all issues to the Traffic Marshal Supervisor
  • Wave signs and flags to signal awareness for riders as briefed

Ticketed Traffic Controllers (On Route) – Saturday 2nd December

  • At allocated critical positions along the Race course, direct traffic flow as briefed
  • Guide riders and road users
  • Be responsible for assigned segments to control traffic movements
  • Act as the eyes and ears on the ground for the Event Command Centre
  • Must be a certified New South Wales traffic controller

Motorcycle Marshals (On Route) – Saturday 2nd December

  • Ride between the pelotons as part of the Race convoy
  • Offer support to convoy and peloton on the route as requested
  • Act as the eyes and ears on the ground for the Event Command Centre
  • Must provide own motorbike and be experienced in riding motorbikes in pelotons
  • Have an advanced understanding or the nature of bicycling events

Digital Reporters – Saturday 2nd December

  • Take photos of riders, the locations and spectators to capture realistic and aspirational images
  • Event coverage and behind the scenes images
  • Must have own camera, phone or any other suitable digital device
  • Availability to attend early morning late day to capture desired lighting required
  • Assisting the L’Étape Australia Marketing Manager in capturing the event for immediate digital and archival purposes
  • Please note there will be 14 photographers on the route taking images of the riders. The purpose of this role to capture images of the event itself