Community Information

If you are from the region of Snowy Mountains and would like further information on the event, please note that we will be holding several meetings in the area to consult with the local community and inform everyone on the plans for the event, details for the event weekend, extended information about road closures, and provide plenty of chances for community feedback.

Please check back on this page for updates in the lead up to the event for more information and notifications of upcoming information meetings.

Image Credit: Mike Newling Destination NSW

Road Closure information

Be a volunteer

Volunteers will play a crucial role in the successful running of L’Étape Australia, and we will have a variety of roles available for those from the region or the cycling community wishing to be a part of the event and also for anyone looking to gain experience in event management.

Please sign up HERE to register your interest as a volunteer, and as more information on the roles and the program become available we will be in touch with you.