How do I enter L’Étape Australia?

Registrations for L’Étape Australia will be available at

  • From Wednesday 4 December 2019 until Tuesday 24 December 2019;
  • From Wednesday 27 May 2020 until Friday 12 March 2021 or until sold-out.
How much is registration?

From 4 December 2019 until 24 December 2019:

  • The Ride: there won’t be super early-bird available for The Ride
  • The Race: $289

From 27 until 28 May 2020:

  • The Race: $289

From 28 May 2020 until 31 July 2020:

  • The Ride: $269
  • The Race: $329

From 1 August until 28 February 2021:

  • The Ride: $289
  • The Race: $349

From 1st March 2021 until 12 March 2021:

  • The Ride: $309
  • The Race: $369
What is included in the entry fee?
  • Registration
  • Rider Registration Pack
  • Fully closed roads
  • Tour de France professional race conditions
  • Official L’Étape Australia t-shirt (Foundation Riders will get a special edition t-shirt)
  • Backpack drop/pick-up service in the event village
  • Overall timing and Queen of the Mountain / King of the Mountain sections timing
  • Mechanical support in the village and on the race course
  • Medical assistance in the village and on the race course
  • Food Zones and Drink/Energy Zones setup on key locations of the course
  • BBQ sandwich at the finish
  • Finisher medal
What is the difference between The Race and The Ride?

The L’Étape Australia Race is the ultimate cycling challenge, with a 136km mountainous route based on a similar format to a genuine Tour de France stage.

For those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and experience L’Étape Australia without the added pressure of the tough climbs, The Ride (80km) and its 1,237m of elevation is the perfect option.

Does the registration fee cover personal insurance?

No, personal accident insurance is not included in the L’Étape Australia registration fee.

All participants in L’Étape Australia are advised to take out personal accident insurance suitable for competing in a race such as L’Étape Australia. This insurance is optional but highly recommended.

Can teams register for L’Étape Australia?

Absolutely. Teams are made up of a minimum of five riders, there is no maximum number to a team. The cumulative time of the first three riders will be the competitive measure of the team times. If your team is a mixed team, the time of at least one woman will be taken into account. All members of the team must be registered for the same course. Please note that all Team Names will be subject to approval.

How do I register my team for L’Étape Australia?

When completing your registration, you will be asked if you are registering as an individual or team. If registering for a team, you should enter the name of a team you wish to be part of. All team members should then enter the same name on their registrations.

What if I have changed my mind or cannot ride on the day, can I receive a refund?

All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, a registration can be transferred to a rider nominated by the initial registrant if the initial registrant has subscribed to the “Transfer insurance” option during the registration process. This option can only be subscribed at the time of registration and won’t be available once payment for the registration has been received by L’Étape Australia.

Transfer of a registration to the next edition of L’Étape Australia will be considered on medical grounds only. Registrants seeking a transfer must log an online application via the appropriate online form (URL available on request at [email protected]) before Sunday 28 March 2021. Any application logged after this date won’t be considered. A registration transfer will incur a processing be of $50.

Is there a minimum age requirement to register?

Riders must be over the age of 15 on the day of the race, and any riders under the age of 18 will have to provide written proof of parental consent and be accompanied by an adult on the course.

I made an error when I registered, how can I fix it?

If you need to amend any errors in your registration, please contact the registration team at [email protected].

Will The Ride (as oppose to the The Race) be available at L’Étape Australia 2020?

Yes, L’Étape Australia offers two distance: The Race (136km) and The Ride (80km). All the details about each distance can be found on the dedicated page of the website:


How do I prepare to take on L’Étape Australia?

During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to a 12-weeks training plan prepared by Cycling-Inform at a discounted rate. These training plans are designed to fit everyone’s schedule, especially if you don’t have a lot of time available for bike training.

What types of bikes are allowed at L’Étape Australia?

Riders are able to choose from a selection of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and cross bikes (recumbents, disc wheels, tri or aero bars are not permitted). E-bikes are allowed on The Ride (80km) but are NOT allowed in The Race (136km). Cyclist riding an e-bike won’t be ranked in a specific ranking to preserve fairness between participants. Straight handlebars and disc brakes are permitted.

Tandems are only permitted for vision impaired riders (only the vision impaired riders will be required to register).

Please ensure, for the safety of all riders that bikes are well maintained throughout the course.

Is a helmet compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a helmet that complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ2063. Helmets must be worn (with the chin strap fastened) throughout the entire route. Any participant without a helmet will be removed from the event.

Do I need to carry photo identification during L’Étape?

We recommend that all riders carry photo identification at all times.

What should I bring with me on race day?

There will be Food and Energy Zones to supply riders with nutrition, water and other necessities, however to ensure all riders are prepared we suggest packing the below list of items:

  • Helmet *
  • Photo identification *
  • Water bottles *
  • Additional food and/or sports nutrition
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Spare clothing for warmth or rain protection
  • Bike equipment including: a puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes and an air pump
  • Mobile phone (don’t forget to ensure it is fully charged prior to the start)

Items marked with * are compulsory

Is there mechanical support available for my bike before the event?

The day before the event, Shimano mechanical support will be available in the L’Étape Australia Village for riders to check their bike if needed. There will also be Shimano mechanical support available at the Start Line. Both areas of support will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Shimano mechanical support will also be available throughout the race – both on the course and at selected Food Zones.

What are the expected weather conditions for the ride?

According to monthly averages, the peaks are likely to range from a minimum temp of 14°C to a maximum of 22°C. Riders will need to be prepared for all weather conditions on the day. Riders are encouraged to consult for forecasts in the area prior to the event.

What happens if the event is called off due to the weather?

Please refer to the T&C (17. DISTANCE AND COURSE ALTERATIONS) for a comprehensive overview of the policy on course changes or event cancellation due to weather, and how and when L’Étape Australia will communicate with Riders in the event of changes due to weather.

Will there be a safety and event briefing?

A series of 15-minute safety briefings will be held at the L’Étape Australia Village precinct the day before the event. The safety briefing video will be played on the giant screen regularly during the day and will be available on the L’Étape Australia YouTube channel. The safety briefings will cover the start, the route, what to look out for, how to move around, etiquette and all aspects of the event to ensure the day is enjoyable and safe.


Where and when do I collect my Registration Pack?

Pre-event check-in will be available at the L’Étape Australia Village (Coronation Pars, Kiama) on Friday 19 March 2021, between 10 am and 9 pm. All riders must bring their confirmation email (a soft copy will be accepted) and photo identification to pick up their Registration Pack. Check-in can only be completed by the registered rider, it cannot be collected by a third party.

What will be in my Registration Pack?

Your registration pack will include:

  • Bib number (this has your rider number and wave printed on the front. This is to be pinned to the back of your jersey).
  • Plate number (this is a small card with your rider number on the front. This is to be cable tied to the front of your handlebar).
  • Frame number (this is a small card with your rider number and the timing chip. This is to be bale tied to your bike frame).
  • Top tube sticker (stick this on the top tube of your bike to get route updates around the course).

*Cable ties and safety pins will be provided on Friday at registration.

How do I get to the Start Line?

Access to the start differs depending on where you are staying. More information will be available in the Riders’ Guide that will be released one month prior to the event.

What time do I have to be at the Start Line?

We recommend you arrive 45 minutes to one hour before your start time. The first start will be given at 7am on Saturday 20 March 2021.

How will my start position be determined?

During registration, participants will answer questions based around expected speed for the course to determine the rider’s starting wave. For that reason, it is essential that all the answers are accurate, to avoid the misplacing of a rider.

If riders are unsure of their expected average speed, we would suggest finding a route similar to L’Étape Australia in difficulty and record the ride on Strava (or a similar app or device) that records performance. This will determine the average speed time for that route, that riders can use as an indicator of their expected average speed.

Will there be a way to transport spare clothing from the start?

Start and Finish will be located at the same place for The Race (136km). However, if you wish to drop spare clothing before you start, a free bag-drop service will be available in the L’Étape Australia Village.

Riders registered for The Ride (80km) will be allowed to drop a bag in Kiama in the morning of the event and their bag will be made available at the finish line of The Ride in Berry.


What is the total Elevation Gain?

The Race (136km) will feature 2,270m of elevation.
The Ride (80km) will feature 1,237m of elevation.

Is the course timed?

Yes, the course is timed. All riders will be given a number for their bike in their Registration Pack, this will have a timing chip attached and must be secured to the bike. This will record the time of the rider as they cross the Start Line, check points throughout the route and the Finish Line to provide accurate time.

Check point times for each rider will be available live for supporters to check on the L’Étape Australia website and mobile app. Final times will be published on the L’Étape Australia website following the event.

Is the road closed to traffic during the event?

As for the professional riders in the Tour de France, the road will be closed to general motor vehicle traffic throughout the entire event. A time limit is set to ensure the road opens again at a specific time and this is outlined in the Time Schedule that will be released closer to the event. After this time, the road will be open to traffic once again.

What is the Time Schedule?

The Time Schedule helps plan the times at which the road is closed, when riders will be eliminated and when the roads reopen. Eliminations are based on a defined race time for each area through which the race passes. These times are negotiated with L’Étape Australia, the councils, the police and the emergency services. Strict compliance with the Time Schedule is essential if we want to continue to enjoy a road which is entirely closed to traffic in the future.

The entire route will be closed to all non-event related vehicles. Roads will re-open progressively on a time schedule which allows riders who ride at an average of 16.6 km per hour to complete the route.

The Time Schedule will be published in the Count Down document (September) and Riders Guide (October) and this website.

How will I know if I am eliminated from L'Étape Australia?

The Time Schedule Vehicle will follow the precise Time Schedule on the course. Any participant who is overtaken by this vehicle (which features a timer on its roof) at any point during the race, will be declared “Hors-Course” (out of the race).

What happens if I am eliminated?

If a rider is eliminated, they will be asked to go to the pick-up areas where a bus and truck will take the rider and their bike to the L’Étape Australia Village.

Bikes will be loaded onto trucks and returned to riders to the L’Étape Australia Village upon presentation of their race numbers.

Riders will have the option to continue riding the remainder of the course but will need to be aware that they have officially dropped out of the race and will no longer be under the closed roads or supervision of event services.

Are there rules that still need to be followed on closed roads?

Even with the professional conditions of fully closed roads, it is important to remain alert and respect the following:

  • Keep to the left of the road so the faster ridersand race management vehicles can overtake on the right;
  • Whenovertaking, do it on the right and with caution;
  • Indicate priorto overtaking;
  • When riding in the peloton, indicate to ridersfollowing of any dangers or imperfections on the route.
Are there Food Zones on the route?

There will be Food Zones and Energy Zones on the course. Water is available at all Food and Energy Zones via self-serve tanks with taps.

Food Zones will comprise of sultanas, almonds, apples, oranges, bananas, crisps, salted crackers, sugar lollies, cereal bars, coke cola, water and energy drinks.

Energy Zones will have an assortment of energy products such as energy bars, gels and drinks. There will also be a variety of snacks available at each zone.

Where are the Food Zones located?

Food and Energy Zone locations will be released closer to the event.

Where am I able to dispose of rubbish?

All Food Zones will have bins to dispose of rubbish. If consuming gels or snacks while on the road, riders must ensure that they hold on to associated rubbish until they are able to dispose of this correctly. The Illawarra and Southern Highlands regions are a beautiful area and we need to ensure that everyone involved in the event is preserving the environment.

What happens if I breakdown or have an accident on the course?

If a rider has an accident or mechanical issues, there will be medical teams and neutral support at selected Food Zones as well as on the route (mobile assistance). In addition to the neutral support offered, each rider should bring spare inner tubes, air pump and any extra components that they may need with them.

Riders will be provided with an emergency number to call for roadside pick-up if they are unable to make their own way to a Food Zone following an accident or a breakdown. In the event of riders waiting for roadside pick-up – with the exception of major injuries – riders are asked to move off the course and out of the way of other riders to wait for pick up.

Will there be medical assistance available on the course?

There are first aid stations set up in the L’Étape Australia Village, at the Start Line, at Food Zones and at the Finish Line. There will also be medical teams among the riders on the route, in case riders need medical attention or transportation to a nearby first aid station.

Where do I receive my Finishers Medal?

Riders who complete the course will receive a Finisher’s Medal once they have crossed the Finish Line (in Kiama for The Race and in Berry for The Ride).


Will there be prizes for L’Étape Australia

Individual participants will be competing for the coveted official Tour de France Jerseys:

  • THE YELLOW JERSEY will be presented to the overall male and female winners of the flagship Race.
  • THE POLKA-DOT JERSEY will be presented to the male and female Race winners of the King of the Mountain, timed across all three climbs.
  • THE WHITE JERSEY will be presented to the fastest overall male and female in the Race aged 25 years or less on the day of the event.

Team riders will not be able to win the jerseys as team riders get assistance from their team members.

Prizes will also be awarded for the following participants:

  • The Men’s Team Prize
  • The Women’s Team Prize
  • The Mixed Team Prize
Will there be official photos taken during the event?

A team of professional photographers from Sportograf will be covering the event. One to two days after the event approximately 20 images of each rider will appear on the site, filed under your bib number and available for purchase.

Sportograf are specialist cycling race photographers who cover major events worldwide, including L’Étape du Tour de France.

Is accommodation included in the price?

No, accommodation is not included in the price.

How do I book accommodation?

Please refer to the where you will find links to book your accommodation. To support local businesses, we recommend booking directly with accommodation provider and avoid using mainstream platforms.

When will my results be published?

Unofficial results will be listed live over the course of the event.

Official results will be published on the L’Étape Australia website as they come available during the day.