If you want to get a good time at L’Étape Australia by Tour de France, then here are three tips that can help you ride more efficiency.

Get yourself into a good working bunch

It’s a well-known fact that riding in a bunch is more efficient than riding on your own. You can save around 30% of your energy doing so. That means for the same energy expended, you can be sitting in a bunch that’s riding much faster than if you were trying to ride on your own.
But if you want to ride even faster, you can help share the load at the front of the bunch, and as a result, the bunch can ride even faster again than a solo rider.

If you aren’t a strong rider then just sitting in some of the bigger bunches that form during an event will provide you with a heap of free speed if you are able to hang on.

So, if you get yourself in a good working bunch then put in a little extra energy when going over slight inclines to make sure that you don’t get dropped. Going a little into the red when things momentarily get a little tough so you hang on to the bunch will give you a dramatic improvement in your overall time for the event.

So, when you are out riding practice riding in the faster bunches in your local area and learn how to efficiently sit in a bunch so you can save energy and learn the art of not getting dropped.

If you do get dropped then instead of wasting energy riding solo, ease up and wait for the next bunch to roll through. Chances are that it will be riding a little slower than the bunch that you just got dropped from and you can stick with them for much longer and save a heap of energy while improving your chances of a better overall time.

This doesn’t only apply to ride in bunches on the flat. A bunch can descend down a hill faster than a solo rider too!

Get aero on the descent

When you are descending down a hill get into the drops to make yourself more aero on the bike. You’ll go faster. It’s free speed. Improving your cornering and descending skills will also help with your overall time too so check out the article we have published here for you: Cornering and Descending.

Keep your rest stops to a minimum

If you get yourself into a good working bunch then you’ll want to stay with them for as long as possible to help improve your overall ride time. This may mean riding though a rest stop or too. If you are prepared for this beforehand by making sure you have a good supply of food and water, you can take advantage of this massive improvement to your overall ride time. When you do stop, keep it brief. The faster bunches are always at the head of the event so sticking with them will help your overall time.

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