Make each ride count and arrive at L’Étape Australia at the peak of your form by taking your recovery to the next level with Stryke Recovery.
We are extremely proud to welcome Stryke Recovery as Receovery Partner to support all riders in their preparation and help them reach their peak physical condition.
Stryke Percussion Therapy is a new and exciting way to boost performance, relieve muscle cramps and pain. Recovery plays a huge role in ensuring athletes can manage workload and continually front up injury-free. This is not always easy to achieve, traditional recovery techniques such as rollers can be boring and painful whilst massage therapy is expensive and time-consuming. Percussive therapy is massage reinvented, giving everyone the opportunity to live pain-free, recover faster and move better.
Stryke Recovery will be at the L’Étape Australia Village to provide riders with recovery massages and they will host an exclusive Shake Out Ride on Saturday 27 November.