Winners Sports Nutrition, the Official Nutrition Partner for L’Étape Australia by Tour de France, have created the special L’Etape Australia Nutrition Pack to ensure you have the fuel you need to ride strong in training and on race day.

The L’Etape Australia Nutrition Pack contains a selection of nutritious & great tasting Winners Energy Bars, Energy Chews and Energy Gels at the best value.

Winners are Australian Made & Owned and are proud supporters of Australian Cycling. They are used and recommended by Tour de France Champion Cadel Evans.

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  1. Aim to consume 30 – 60g of carbohydrate per hour of riding.
  2. Eat and drink consistently on the ride. Set your watch alarm to go off every 20mins as a reminder.
  3. To ensure your carbohydrate stores are full, consume a carbohydrate rich snack 15-30 mins before the start. Good options include a Winners Sustained Energy Bar or a banana.
  4. Prepare food to eat post ride and boost recovery. 15- 30 mins after a ride the body can replace energy stores at 150% the normal rate.
  5. Remember to always test your nutrition plan in training prior to the ride.

Eat like a pro

Riding L’Étape Australia by Tour de France requires a lot of energy. Below is an example of what you should eat during the race.

For more insight into Nutrition make sure to download Winners Bars free Cycling Guide to Nutrition here.