If you have any question about the event, please check the FAQ below.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (02) 8272 4580.

I can no longer attend the event, what do I do?

Your registration is 100% refundable until Friday 28 February 2020 (minus a cancellation fee of $150). If riders cancel after this date, there is no refund. To cancel your registration, please contact us at [email protected]

Where can I find the GPX files of the different rides?

Riders will receive links to all rides, long and short, four weeks before the event.

What bike should I bring?

The loops which are being offered will have short and long climbs plus some flatter sections. The roads in the Hunter Valley are country roads so expect some sections of course-chip seal. We are not planning on riding any dirt/gravel roads.

Your standard road bike will be OK. Riders who ride ~300-400km a week will be ok with a standard crank and 11-28 cassette. For those who ride less than 300km we would suggest a compact crankset with an 11-32 cassette to enjoy the event. Disc brakes are not mandatory nor forbidden.

How hard is the event going to be?

We will offer two groups for each of the three rides. This is a Team Camp so riders need to be of intermediate to advanced level of abilities who can ride 120km without stops. We will have designated stops during the Saturday and Sunday rides plus support will be available. Prior to the camp, riders should be riding 10-15 hours or 300 km a week.

Is there a minimum speed average?

We will offer two groups for each of the three rides. The faster group will ride +26 kph and the fast will ride +24 kph. The event is a no-drop ride though, so no-one will be left by himself/herself. If you are having a tough day and wishes to withdraw, you will be able to jump in the support car to be driven back to the start (at the end of the ride).

How do I book my accommodation?

Riders are to organise their own accomodation. We recommend to stay at The Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort. They have 134 rooms available on site ranging from One to Three Bedroom Villas. This allows you to come up with your mates and share accomodation or you can have a Villa to yourself. To organise your stay : use this link. Please note, there are many other options in the area where riders can stay if The Oaks is sold out.

Can I arrive late and/or leave early?

Yes, riders can arrive at any time, for example riders can miss the Friday afternoon ride and come for Team dinner or arrive early on Saturday morning. If arriving on the Saturday, riders must sign-in at 7:30am and be ready to ride 7:50am for an 8:00am depart. Riders can also leave as required on the Saturday. Please note, that there is no reduced price for shortening your attendance.

How do the massages work?

Post ride on Friday and Saturday, our masseur will be available offering 20-25 minute sessions. Riders will sign up when they return from the ride.

What other recovery will be available?

There are three pools available at The Oaks and riders will also have access to NORMATEC recovery boots.

How does the mechanic work?

We will have our very own professional bike mechanic for the entire event. He will make sure your bike is well looked after and checked after each ride. We will have tools, pumps, bike lube and much more available.

What if I have dietary requirements?

Riders should mention all dietary requirements and allergies by sending an email at [email protected] We will cater for all needs.

Dinner and drinks

This is a Team Camp and we understand that riders need to eat. We will have some amazing food on offer.
Breakfast – Continental including filtered coffee, tea, OJ, milk, yogurt, bread, cereals/muesli, spreads and boiled eggs
Lunches – Sandwich including cold drinks, fruit and chips.
Dinners – including entree, main and dessert plus first round of drinks – wine/beer plus water.

What should I bring?

Riders will receive a ‘What To Bring’ list via eDM in the lead up to the event.

Other Clothing

For the dinners and off the bike – there is no dress code. Jeans, t-shirt and sneakers are more than suitable. There is only so much you can pack.

Can my non-riding partner/husband/wife come for the weekend?

Yes, this is not a problem. There will be charges to cover meals and they are $20 for breakfast and/or lunch and dinner is $60.

What nutrition will be available?

Everyone has their favourites nutrition companies. Please feel free to bring along what you are happy with. At the start of the event, each rider will receive a musette (bag) which will have gels, bars and bidons (bottles) to use during the weekend. Hydration powder, bananas, water, sun cream and other supplies will be available pre-departure and in our vehicles during our rides.