1. L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France

L’Étape Australia is a cyclosportive event which will be held on 2nd December 2017 on a route that begins at Bullocks Flat Ski Tube Terminal and finishes at Banjo Patterson Park in Jindabyne (The Ride) and Perisher Ski Resort Car Park (The Race).

Both courses will be timed and organised on roads which are closed to general motor vehicle traffic.

L’Étape Australia is organised by Lateral Marketing & Management Pty Ltd (Lateral Event Management) under a tripartite Agreement with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), owner of the Tour de France and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

2. Training and Preparation

L’Étape Australia strongly recommends that all participants engage in effective training and preparation for the event. If you have not exercised before or for some time, you should consult your doctor before commencing your training for the event.

3. Risk

I understand and agree that I participate in the L’Étape Australia entirely at my own risk. I agree that I am participating in the event on the express condition that L’Étape Australia: (a) will, under no circumstances be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any death, loss, accident, damage or injury to me or any of my servants, agents, contractors, visitors or invitees or any other person whatsoever (“Related Party”) which may happen as a result of my participation in the event; and (b) will not incur or be under any liability whatsoever to me or to any Related Party for any loss, damage or injury to or in respect of any of my property or of any Related Party’s property, except as occasioned by the grossly negligent acts or omissions of the Indemnified Person or its servants, agents, contractors, visitors or invitees.

4. Associated Risk

I am aware of the physically strenuous nature of this event and the risks both mentally and physically.

I confirm I am healthy and fit enough (mentally and physically) to complete this event. I agree that should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the event which is likely to affect my ability to compete, I will withdraw from the event.

The L’Étape Australia organisation strongly recommends that all participants engage in effective training and preparation for the challenge. If you have not exercised before or for some time, you should consult your doctor before commencing your training for the event.

5. Online Entry

By submitting an application online and paying a fee for entry into this event I understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions and the instructions given by event personnel, traffic authorities and the police.

I shall not be eligible or entitled to participate in the event until full payment of the entry fee has been received by L’Étape Australia. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until L’Étape Australia has received cleared funds.

6. Cancelling a Registration

All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable

7. Email Communication

L’Étape Australia primarily uses email to communicate with you. By entering this event, I agree to receive emails regarding this specific event. Other L’Étape Australia emails, such as newsletters and promotions, have an ‘unsubscribe’ link, but event specific emails do not have this link.

L’Étape Australia cannot be responsible if event information does not reach the intended recipient by email. The onus is on you to ensure that your Spam filters will allow L’Étape Australia emails through, for example by adding info@letapeaustralia.com to your email address books.

L’Étape Australia can only be responsible for ensuring that the email address provided is the one to which event emails are sent. All specific event emails and event information packs that are sent to you are also posted on the website event page.

8. Personal Identification

At registration onsite at the L’Étape Australia Village, I recognise that I must produce appropriate photographic personal identification acceptable to L’Étape Australia (such as driver’s licence, passport or photo identification cards).

9. Timing and Results

L’Étape Australia will use best endeavours to provide you with an event finish time, however L’Étape Australia cannot be held responsible for any computer result anomalies or any technical malfunctions.

10. Removal of Participants

L’Étape Australia reserves the right at any time to remove you from the event or to prevent participants participating in the event if, at the Event Organiser’s sole discretion, it considers such action necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the event by other participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund of the event registration fee shall be made if you act negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the event or other participants.

11. Reselling or Swap

I agree that participation in the event is personal to me. I am strictly prohibited from swapping, selling or transferring my place in the event or allowing any other person to wear my number and timing chip and participate in my place. If found to be in breach of this L’Étape Australia reserves the right to exclude me from participation in this and future events.

12. Liability / Responsibility

I acknowledge that personal accident and personal items insurance is my sole responsibility.

L’Étape Australia shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage of or to personal equipment belonging to you, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising out of you taking part in the event; or for any loss of business; revenue or profit; loss of reputation; anticipated savings or wasted expenditure; pledges made on your behalf or by you to charity. L’Étape Australia will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or other third parties.

I accept that any mechanical support received on my bike from L’Étape Australia, partners, participants or other third parties is at my own discretion and I will not hold anyone else responsible for any subsequent bike malfunctions or resulting injury.

I accept that should my bike be transferred in any vehicle during the event, such as the sweep vehicle, I accept it is placed and transferred in the vehicle at my own risk and L’Étape Australia is not liable for any damage caused during this process.

Nothing in this agreement shall affect our liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability to the extent it cannot be excluded or limited by law.

13. Allergies

Please note that some of the food products given out may contain or have traces of nuts and nut oils or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts. L’Étape Australia cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies.

14. Data protection

I agree for the purposes of this condition, personal information, including medical data, maybe collected for health and safety purposes (“Personal Information”).

I agree that my personal information can be stored and used by L’Étape Australia in connection with the organisation, staging and administration of the Event.
Medical information will only be used to allow medical assistance to be given.

I agree that my personal information and data may be used by L’Étape Australia and our event partners in connection with the compilation of statistical information and to improve health and safety procedures at future events.

I agree that my name and contact details can be used by L’Étape Australia and our event partners for the purposes of:

  • The promotion and marketing of the event;
  • Adding me to a mailing list to keep me informed about any future events and services which I believe I might be interested in, such as leisure activities relating to either similar types of events or activities;
  • Promotional and marketing material in respect of similar events, other community based activities organised by our event partners (sponsors).

L’Étape Australia shall take all necessary steps to ensure that personal information or marketing information pertaining or relating to you which comes into the possession or control of L’Étape Australia or our Event partners shall not be:

  • Used or reproduced in whole or in part in any form except for the purposes outlined in these Conditions.

If you would not like L’Étape Australia or our Event partners to use the Marketing Information or Personal Information other than for purposes related solely to your participation in the Event, please e-mail L’Étape Australia at info@letapeaustralia.com.

I am aware that by agreeing to the terms and conditions I will receive a limited number of welfare emails which will include training information and latest updates on L’Étape Australia itself.

15. Fees

All fees are inclusive of GST (goods and services tax) at the rate of 10%. If your entry is accepted the fee is non-refundable.

16. Start Time Alterations

L’Étape Australia reserves the right to alter the start time of the event. In the event of a change of start time the participants will be notified of the revised start time with as much notice as reasonably practicable. No refund in full or in part shall be made for any change in start time for an event provided the event takes place on the specified date of the event.

17. Distance and course alterations

I am aware L’Étape Australia reserves the right to reduce the course distance, change the course, or make any other amendment to the Race or the Ride that they deem necessary. Any change to the Race or the Ride will be communicated to me at the event or sooner if practicable.

18. Event Format Alterations or Cancellations

L’Étape Australia reserves the right to amend the event format (for example shortening the distance) or cancel the event due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control or for any safety related reason. In the event of the event being cancelled it shall provide the participant with a full refund, less an administration charge of $10, with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation.

19. Credit or Charge Card Fee

Under no circumstances are credit or charge card fees refundable.

20. Final Decision

All decisions and rulings by L’Étape Australia, its employees and its agents are considered final. Accordingly, I agree to comply with all event rules and all instructions and guidelines given by event crew, police, stewards, marshals, and safety personnel. I acknowledge and agree that L’Étape Australia will organise and run the event and will have sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the safety, running and organisation of the event, the rules of the event, the timings/finish times and the placings.



L’Étape Australia is open to everyone, be they licence holders or not, provided that they are at least 15 years old on or before December 2 2017. Participants born in 1999, who are under 18 on the date of the event, will have to provide written proof of parental consent and be accompanied by an adult on the course. Individuals under the age of 15 at the date of the event will not be eligible to register or partake in the event.

L’Étape Australia will be run on roads which are closed to general motor vehicle traffic. An application has been made for an exemption under Section 115 of the NSW Road Transport Act 2013 which means the event will be held under race conditions. A convoy of support and emergency services vehicles will be the only motor vehicles on the route within the end of course time limits set by L’Étape Australia.

Both courses (126km Ride and 157km Race) will be timed.

Due to the strenuous nature of the event, all participants will be required to declare that they are in good health and are adequately and appropriately prepared both physically and mentally for the event. If the Rider has any health issues or doubts prior to the event, he/she should immediately seek appropriate medical advice.
Participation in L’Étape Australia implies each participant’s express and unreserved acceptance of the rules.


Registrations for the event can only be done on the online registration platform www.asochallenges.com subject to availability.

The registration fees will be indicated on the event’s website as well as on the registration platform www.asochallenges.com.

L’Étape Australia reserves the right to limit the number of participants in the event.

All registrations are personal, firm and definitive and cannot be reimbursed for any reason. Registrations cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

Anyone who transfers his/her participant number to another person will be held responsible in the event that the latter suffers from or causes an accident during the course. L’Étape Australia declines all liability in the event of an accident under such circumstances and will permanently ban the participant who has transferred his/her participant number to another person, as well the participant who uses it, from L’Étape Australia. Participant numbers must be worn on participants’ backs and be completely visible during the course.


Participant numbers can be collected in the L’Étape Australia Village set up in Bullocks Flat on Friday 1st December 2017 (the precise address of the village will be posted on the event’s website – www.letapeaustralia.com) between 10am and 10pm AEST. No participant numbers will be distributed on Saturday, the day of the event. Participant numbers and timing chips will be distributed when you present the confirmation of your registration and proof of your identity. Participant numbers will not be sent by post. Each participant must collect his/her participant number personally. The allocation of a participant number is firm and definitive.


For safety reasons and to ensure the event goes smoothly, each participant must present himself / herself at the start of L’Étape Australia with the following mandatory equipment:

  • A rigid helmet to the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZ 2063 or international equivalent which must be worn throughout the entire course;
  • Photo and associated identification (a driver licence or a NSW photo card);
  • A hydration system (water bottle or hydration pack).

To ensure your safety as well as that of the other participants, it is strictly forbidden to participate in L’Étape Australia with the following:

  • A bicycle equipped with any kind of extension (bar ends or triathlon bars);
  • An electric bicycle or electrically assisted pedal cycle;
  • A recumbent or prone bicycle;
  • A bicycle which is not officially recognised by the U.C.I.

No participant is to wear headphones or similar devices whilst participating in the event, and shall remain alert of their surroundings and attentive to instructions given by event organisers or other authorities.



In order to respect the environment and the natural surroundings in which the event takes place, it is strictly forbidden to leave litter (paper, plastic wrappers) on the route. Bins will be provided at all Feeding Zones and in “collection areas” which will be installed and indicated on different points of the route. They must be used by the participants at all times.

Participants must hold onto their litter and wrappers and wait until they reach the places set up by the organisation to dispose of them.


Timing will be done using an electronic detection system.

All participants will be given a timing chip with positioning instructions in their registration packs. This timing chip will be detected by different antennas placed along the route, especially at the start, in the sprint sections, the mountain climbs and at the finishes. It will be used to monitor the participants and will also allow the results and rankings to be established.

General results and rankings will be available following the event including results by age category. In order to allow the timing chip to function properly, instructions received with the timing chip must be followed precisely.

The electronic detection system has been chosen according to strict reliability requirements. Despite the tests carried out by the manufacturers, a very small percentage of chips that are not detected still exists. Therefore the organisers are providing two chips to each rider as a safeguard. The lack of data resulting from chips not being detected will not allow the organiser to include the participant’s official time in the ranking. The organiser will not be held responsible for this.

At the end of the event, several rankings will be established:

  • King / Queen of the Mountain challenge: a ranking will be established based on the combined time for the ascent of the Col de Beloka and the Col de Kosciuszko and the fastest man and woman will receive an official Tour de France Polka-Dot Jersey. Only participants from the Race are eligible for this challenge. The fastest ascent by the Ride participants of the Col de Beloka will be recognised on the day however they will not receive an official Tour de France Polka-Dot Jersey.
  • Sprint challenge: a ranking will be established based on the time for the sprint section in Berridale and the fastest man and woman will receive an official Tour de France Green Jersey. Only participants from the Race are eligible for this challenge. The fastest sprint by the Ride participants will be recognised on the day however they will not receive an official Tour de France Green Jersey.
  • Women’s and men’s rankings: the overall male and female winner for the Race will receive an official Tour de France Yellow Jersey. The overall male and female winner for the Ride will be recognised during the prize ceremony however will not receive an official Tour de France Yellow Jersey.
  • Young Rider Challenge: the overall male and female winner for the Race, aged under 25 on the day of the event will receive an official Tour de France White Jersey.

All Jersey winners and the second and third placed men and women will be congratulated during the prize giving ceremony held in Bullocks Flat.

A real time deadline (which begins when the start line is crossed), will be defined by Lateral Events (according to the route’s difficulties, technical constraints, etc.) and given to all the participants to cross the finish line. This real deadline time will be published on the event’s website.

All the results will be published on the event’s website, as well as on your ASO Challenges dashboard.


Teams (representing 9 riders) & Groups (representing 10+ riders)

Teams: consist of a maximum of nine (9) riders. Groups: consist of a minimum of ten (10) riders. There are separate rankings & prize categories for Teams/Groups and Individuals. Teams and Groups are eligible for prizes together under the same category; the categories are as follows:

Men’s Race, Women’s Race, Mixed Race, Men’s Ride, Women’s Ride, Mixed Ride, the fastest team.

Teams & Groups are not eligible to win any other prize categories. Individual riders within a Team or a Group are excluded from winning the Individual Rankings or Prize categories.

Teams and Groups will be allocated to start under a single wave separate from the Individual Riders.



Personal following cars are strictly forbidden on the route.

L’Étape Australia will put a number of measures in place to check that the route is secure: signage, motorcyclists with flags indicating locations that could be considered dangerous, and signs indicating sections requiring particular attention. Any relatively dangerous points on the route will also be listed and communicated on the event’s website.

The participants must respect the safety instructions given by L’Étape Australia’s personnel (motorcyclists, volunteers) along the whole route.

Any person competing in, organising or supporting competitors, or in any other manner connected with the event, must obey directions given by a member of the NSW Police Force. A member of the New South Wales Police Force has the authority to delay, halt or cancel the event at any stage in the interests of road safety or the safety of the community. Any directions issued by the Roads and Maritime Services must be promptly obeyed.

The safety measures will end at the finish line, located in Jindabyne for the Ride and Perisher for the Race.



Riders must be at the Start well in advance of the start time. Some approach roads to the Start will be restricted to vehicular and shuttle-bus access only and subject to reduced speed limits. Road closures will then be enforced in advance of the start time. All timings will be communicated well in advance. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they are at the Start in sufficient time. If a participant is unable to reach the Start and is unable to participate for any reason, no refund will be provided.

L’Étape Australia may introduce cut off times as they see fit as part of the event rules, being limits on the time taken to complete sections of the event (as initiated by the Event Organiser at its discretion) to ensure the safe and proper running of the event. Subsequently, competitors may be instructed to withdraw from the race in accordance with imposed cut off times.

If a participant wishes to withdraw for any reason other than injury, he/she should, if at all possible, do so at one of the cut-off time points set up by the organisation. Cut-off time points are located at all Food Zones. The participant should find the person in charge of the area, who will permanently invalidate his/her participant number. Return transportation for riders and bikes will be available at each of these points.


Anti-doping tests may be carried out at the request of ASADA. The participants of L’Étape Australia undertake to rigorously respect the ban on doping, as well as the measures concerning anti-doping tests, according to the laws and regulations in force.

Article 10 – INSURANCE

Cycling in general and cycling competitions, in particular, represent a physical activity which involves risks.

Each of L’Étape Australia’s participants must enter the event knowing that they will ride on mountainous terrain with steep climbs and rapid descents.

Public liability insurance: In accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, the organiser has taken out public liability insurance to cover the financial consequences of its event management, those of its staff, officials, volunteers and all the participants of L’Étape Australia. Cover provided by this insurance to the cyclists is limited to accidents which they may cause to third parties during the course of the sports event.

A copy of the insurance policy is available to all participants upon request.

Personal accident insurance: All participants in L’Étape Australia are advised to take out personal accident insurance suitable for competing in a race such as L’Étape Australia. This insurance is optional but highly recommended. Personal accident insurance is not included in the L’Étape Australia registration fee.

Material damage insurance: The organiser will not be held responsible for the theft, breakage or loss of the participants’ personal belongings during the event. It is therefore up to each participant, if he/she deems necessary, to take out material damage insurance.

Article 11. IMAGE RIGHTS

By participating in L’Étape Australia, the participant gives his/her express permission for the organiser, its delegates and its successors to use and reproduce, in any medium and by any means, now and in the future, with no compensation of any kind, his/her name, voice, image, and, more generally, his/her sporting performance in L’Étape Australia, in any form, in any existing or future medium, in any format, for public communication throughout the world, for any use including advertising and/or commercial purposes, and for the entire duration of the protection granted by current copyright laws and regulations, judicial and/or arbitral decisions issued in any country, and existing or future international conventions, including those that may result in the extension of this duration.

Participants grant their full and irrevocable permission, to the organiser, its dependants, and its successors, for the purposes of conducting advertising, promotional or sales campaigns to:

  • Make any changes, additions or deletions which it judges necessary to use his / her image under the conditions defined below;
  • Include or combine his / her image with any signatures, hooks, slogans, legends, brands, distinctive signs, legal information, visuals and, generally speaking, anything of any kind which the organiser uses, particularly to illustrate communication material in which they are used.

The participant guarantees that he/she is not bound by an exclusive contract relating to the use of his/her image and/or name and/or voice.

The organiser, its delegates and its successors are expressly forbidden from using a participant’s name, voice or image in any format that is detrimental to the participant’s dignity.


All participants in L’Étape Australia certify that they have been informed that on the day of the event, unmanned aircraft (drones) may be used by the organisers or their broadcasters to film the competition.



Lateral Events will respect the confidentiality of personal information and data provided by the event’s participants and will handle them in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).

Information collated from participants will be recorded and used by Lateral Events to ensure their participation in the event is processed correctly, to personalise communication with them and, for those who have given their agreement when they created their account, to send information to them.

L’Étape Australia information

A.S.O. Challenges information

Information and offers from L’Étape Australia’s partners.


Article 14 – DISPUTES

All complaints must be made in writing, in English, mentioning the participant’s last name, first name and his / her participation number and sent to the headquarters of the organising company, within 30 days of the results being announced.

Lateral Event Management
L’Étape Australia
Level 11, Challis House
4 Martin Place

No claims will be accepted beyond this time.

No reply will be given to any request by telephone or in writing concerning the interpretation or application of the present rules. Lateral Events reserves the right, if need be, to shorten or cancel L’Étape Australia. It cannot be held responsible for this.

The present rules are subject to New South Wales law.

Article 15 – NEWSLETTERS

By registering for L’Étape Australia, the participant is automatically subscribed to the event’s newsletters and must remain so until L’Étape Australia takes place.


Participation in L’Étape Australia implies each participant’s express agreement with these rules, terms and conditions.