This training article was written by Cycling-Inform for L’Étape Australia by Tour de France.

In this article we will discuss why it’s important to have consistency with your training leading up to L’Étape Australia and four tips to help you improve your consistency and ultimately your success on event day.

One of the most important things that help you improve your performance and have a successful ride at L’Étape Australia is about how consistently you train. Training consistency is what separates good results from great results. Your body responds and adapts to the intensity, duration and training load that you habitually subject it to. The key here is “habitually subject it to”. Doing a single intense workout on an irregular basis is not going to help you get faster, fitter or stronger. It’s the training sessions that you habitually do every week for many weeks that make your body faster, fitter and stronger.

So why is consistency difficult for some cyclists?

Consistency in your training is repetitive in nature and can become monotonous. It takes time and patience to see results. With a modern culture of instant gratification some cyclists struggle to be constantly stimulated by regular and repetitive training and lose interest.

The great thing is that consistency is simple to solve. Consistency is not a skill or talent you have to develop. It’s just a habit that you commit to.

To help, it’s important to find your “powerful reason why” for riding and training towards L’Étape Australia. Spend thirty minutes thinking about and writing down the main reason why you want to ride L’Étape Australia. Once completed, hang the notes you made in a place so that you see them often. This will help you when your motivation starts to wane.

Here are four tips that will improve your consistency and your success at L’Étape Australia

  1. Create or follow a training plan

Create a schedule of workouts for the weeks leading up to the event or purchase the Training Plan that Cycling-Inform has created for you. Make sure that you accommodate any busy time where you have other commitments like work trips and family events. Review it regularly to make sure that the plan you have created is achievable. If you’re finding that you are consistently not meeting your workout targets on a particular day adjust your plan so that you can.

  1. Train with purpose

Every workout should have a purpose. It might be to improve your climbing on steeper gradients, building your endurance so you can complete the ride distance, or honing your bunch riding skills so that you can take advantage of bunches that form on the ride. By doing this you make your training more specific, focused and efficient.

  1. Follow your training plan

Having a training plan helps focus your attention and organises your workouts into structure that if followed, will help guarantee that you’ll have a great ride on the day. Identify the key workouts every week and make sure that you make the time to do them. If you get interruptions during the week try to make up the lost training time by the end of the week so that you meet your weekly targets. Your targets are generally hours on the bike or your Training Stress Score (TSS) for the week. Don’t try to carry over training sessions to the following week.

  1. Hire a coach to help you

A coach is a great way to make yourself more accountable so that you become more consistent. They can review your data and can build out a realistic training program that takes into account your current fitness and available time. And, they can quickly identify any performance issues or gaps in your fitness and provide you with workouts that you need to focus on. Having a good coach also will provide you support and advice and will fast track your progress so that you get higher performance improvements in a shorter time than if you were to try and work it all out yourself.