We are glad to welcome you again on the registration platform for the 4th edition of L’Étape Australia by Tour de France.

The event will take place on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of November 2019 in Jindabyne.

Please fill the questionnaire below with your personal information.

See you in the 2019 L’Étape Australia by Tour de France!!

  • Please let us know if you have any skills or experience that would be of benefit to L'Étape Australia (you speak a second language for example), if you require special assistance or have any requirements/medical conditions the organisers should be aware of.
  • L'Étape Australia by Le Tour de France
    Thursday 28th November – Saturday 30th November 2019
    Volunteer Terms and Conditions

    L’Étape Australia (the “Event”) is organised by Lateral Marketing & Management Pty Ltd (Lateral Event Management) (the “Organiser”) under a tripartite Agreement with Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), owner of the Tour de France and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

    Please read these terms and conditions (the “Terms”) carefully before agreeing to volunteer at the Event.


    All volunteers must be aged 14 or over on Friday 29th November. If you are under 18 years of age (a “Minor”), you may only volunteer at the Event if your parent/legal guardian has agreed to these Terms on your behalf. Part A of the Schedule to these Terms sets out the full requirements in respect of Minors.

    Age, ability, compensation

    You confirm that (unless these Terms are being accepted on behalf of a Minor) you are aged 18 or over and you voluntarily agree to be an unpaid volunteer at the Event. You are physically fit and medically able to so volunteer and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medial person.

    You acknowledge that you will perform all duties on a voluntary basis and you will not receive remuneration or payment for your work. The Organisation does not intend any employment or contractual relationship to be created (ie. you are not an employee, independent contractor or consultant at the Event.

    Liability and waiver

    You acknowledge that volunteering at the Event is a potential hazardous activity and you hereby willingly assume the risk of injury or harm involved with your participation at the Event. You agree that the Organiser

    (a) will, under no circumstances be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any death, loss, accident, damage or injury to you or any of your servants, agents, contractors, visitors or invitees or any other person whatsoever (“Related Party”) which may happen as a result of your participation in the event; and

    (b) will not incur or be under any liability whatsoever to you or to any Related Party for any loss, damage or injury to or in respect of any of your property or of any Related Party’s property, except as occasioned by the grossly negligent acts or omissions of the Indemnified Person or its servants, agents, contractors, visitors or invitees.


    By volunteering at the Event, you give your express permission for the Organiser, its delegates and its successors to use and reproduce, in any medium and by any means, now and in the future, with no compensation of any kind, your name, voice, image, in any form, in any existing or future medium, in any format, for public communication throughout the world, for any use including advertising and/or commercial purposes, and for the entire duration of the protection granted by current copyright laws and regulations, judicial and/or arbitral decisions issued in any country, and existing or future international conventions, including those that may result in the extension of this duration.

    You grant your full and irrevocable permission, to the Organiser, its dependants, and its successors, for the purposes of conducting advertising, promotional or sales campaigns to:

    Make any changes, additions or deletions which it judges necessary to use your image under the conditions defined below;

    Include or combine your image with any signatures, hooks, slogans, legends, brands, distinctive signs, legal information, visuals and, generally speaking, anything of any kind which the organiser uses, particularly to illustrate communication material in which they are used.

    You guarantee that you are not bound by an exclusive contract relating to the use of your image and/or name and/or voice.

    The Organiser, its delegates and its successors are expressly forbidden from using your name, voice or image in any format that is detrimental to your dignity.

    Schedule Part A: Minors

    If you are a Minor, you may only volunteer at the Event if your parent/legal guardian has agreed to these Terms. All Minors aged 15 or under must be accompanied by an adult, who has also registered to volunteer, for the duration of their volunteering shift.

    Do not submit your registration to volunteer at the Event without first obtaining your parent or legal guardian's permission.

    PARENTS/LEGAL GUARDIANS: If you are the parent/legal guardian of a Minor, then by agreeing to these Terms you are agreeing to: (i) these Terms on their behalf; and (ii) any Minor aged 15 or under volunteering at the Event will be under your/an accompanying adult’s direct supervision.

    Privacy policy

    The Organiser will respect the confidentiality of personal information and data provided by the Event’s volunteers and will handle them in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).

    Information collated from volunteers will be recorded and used by the Organiser to ensure their participation in the event is processed correctly, to communicate with them during the Event, and to send information regarding the Event to them.

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