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Jindabyne, NSW Snowy Mountains

Friday 30 November - Saturday 1 December


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L’Étape Australia receives 3 national awards

Lateral Events is honoured to have won three prestigious awards for L'Étape Australia at the 2017 National Meetings and Events Australia Awards… read more

Cycling-Inform – Start training today

Both The Race and The Ride involve climbing some of the major alpine “Cols” in NSW so I would certainly recommend that you establish a reasonable amount of base and hill strength first.… read more

Mathew Hayman – It is just a number

It’s just a number, I’ve had many numbers in my time. The number 5 has been good to me, as has 55 (Roubaix), but that’s when they are stuck on my back. This one is different, in April I turned 40 years old..... It’s just a number.… read more

Amanda Spratt – Ardennes Race Report

My legs are screaming and the cramps have started. I see the 1000m to go sign and know that I just have to suffer, to embrace it. … read more

L’Étape is global because it’s not easy

The Tour de France drags people in like no other bike race. In the last two years at L’Étape Australia I’ve seen former Australian road champions, Steve Drake (the now CEO of Cycling Australia) and Jamie Drew, line up, as anonymous faces in the crowd, alongside people doing their first mass participation event. The common thread between Drake and Drew and the thousands on the start line is shared with the 60 riders who started the first Tour de France, in 1903..

Mathew Hayman – The night after Roubaix

I keep squeezing my hands, my knuckles are sore, signs of blisters on the palms. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but that has become the norm for me the night after Roubaix. I never sleep well. My mind plays images of the race over and over, as I try to piece together what happened. It all happens so fast during the race, you are so focused that it’s not until you are laying there awake in the dark, trying to rest a body that no longer has adrenalin masking it aches, that you have time to go back and try to piece together how you ended up where you did. … read more

A new course worthy of a Tour stage – Matt Keenan

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The third edition of L'Étape Australia will features lots of improvements.… read more


Volunteers L'Etape Australia … read more


L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France is your only chance in Australia to compete for the authentic iconic yellow, green, polka dot and white jerseys.… read more


Want to find out more information about the event in the lead up to Registrations going on sale? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to find information on all aspects of the event.… read more


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